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Autor It’s pretty easy to draw parallels

Postów: 14
Miejscowość: USA
Data rejestracji: 18.10.18
Dodane dnia 28-02-2019 02:08
between the modern NFL and the Roman gladiatorial games. The powers that be want to keep the masses distracted from all the unscrupulous nonsense they pull each and every day by offering up a spectacle of human prowess http://www.thetexansfootballauthentic.com/deshaun-watson-jersey-authentic , fraught with danger and drama. Sadly, it works just as well in the 21st century as it did in the first century to distract the population from whatr17;s really going on in the world. Houston, we have a problem. The NFL has managed to get Uncle Sam to let them fill that need; the league (or at least one team) is even rewarded each year with a nice pat on the head and a r0;well doner1; visit to the White House after winning the Super Bowl. From the recently corrected non-profit status granted to the NFL to anti-trust laws that boggle the mind, itr17;s clear the powers that be desperately want to stack the deck in favor of the NFL. Where the train jumps the proverbial tracks is when the spectacle loses its entertainment value. Sure, your17;ll always have the long-suffering fan bases willing to hang in there r0;just one more yearr1; in the hopes of finally being able to remove the bag from their collective heads long enough to win a Super Bowl. But in the politically charged landscape of modern America, where the players and owners are under more scrutiny than ever before, the slightest misstep can turn into a public relations fiasco that costs teams millions of dollars. Doing something that evokes passion, whether positive or negative, can always turn out well for any sports franchise. When you continually put a subpar product on the field, however, even winning doesnr17;t always remove the stigma of apathy. Watching Bill Or17;Brien take a highly talented roster filled with the likes of Deshaun Watson Youth Kareem Jackson Jersey , Deandre Hopkins, Will Fuller V, J.J. Watt, Jadeveon Clowney, Whitney r0;AWOLr1; Mercilus and Tyrann Mathieu to continually produce an episode of r0;The 53 Stoogesr1; does just that. But, wait, NFL ratings are up!Sure, the NFL seems to have managed to stop trying to shoot the goose that lays the golden eggs r11; for now r11; but this is Texas. We might love to root for the underdog, but eventually, we have to come alongside that dog and let him know his time his come to ride off into the sunset or be taken out back and put down. Will Bill Or17;Brien get Deshaun Watson injured? Thatr17;s a very valid question. Itr17;s not hard to go back and watch the tape to see Mike Shanahan had a lot to do with Robert Griffin IIIr17;s career-shortening injury. Itr17;s easy to say no Texans fan wants to see that happen here. At the rate Watson is getting hit, itr17;s a simple numbers game r11; unless Watson is channeling his inner Brett Favre Womens Kevin Johnson Jersey , her17;s going to land on Injured Reserve before the season is over. Would you throw away $166 million? From a purely business point of view, Texans owner Bob McNair is doing just that this season by allowing this r0;definition of insanityr1; offensive game-planning to continue. Wer17;ve learned beyond a shadow of a doubt that Bill Or17;Brien is not the quarterback-whispering #NextGen offensive guru/prodigy he was sold to us as five years ago. Why continue to let him mismanage the game plan, the teamr17;s preparation, play calling, clock management, and other aspects he obviously canr17;t do well? It seems the Texans canr17;t even get the spectacle of the Roman games right. J.J. Watt is a modern Maximus Decimus Meridius.The lead character of the movie Gladiator was a fictitious mish-mash of actual and imagined people, but J.J. Watt is a real life superhero. Maximus had his own Romeo Crennel to save him from the evil emperor, but he was put to death. Unfortunately, Maximus and his team die at the end of the movie too鈥?The question remains: Are you not entertained? The Houston Texans have managed to beat the teams they should beat the last three weeks, but after the Dallas Cowboys utterly destroyed the Jacksonville Jaguars last week, chances are the Jagsr17; defensive line is drooling at the opportunity to take on the Houston Texans offensive line this week. Watching Deshaun Watson run for his life every time he touches the ball could only be described as entertaining for a masochist who has some deranged desire to see the best quarterback in franchise history maimed for life. Is it a car crash we canr17;t stop watching?Or just a bar ditch waiting for us to drive into it? Maybe thatr17;s where the spectacle lies. Maybe itr17;s like watching Old Yeller Womens Nick Martin Jersey , knowing the poor dog is going to be put down and wer17;re just waiting for gunshot. Or maybe the Houston Texans finally pull the plug on the Bill Or17;Brien experiment and bring in a head coach who actually is what Or17;Brien was hyped to be. In the meantime, the desire to watch erodes further each week. Are you happy with the 3-3 record? Have on your Pollyanna glasses? Can you spot the upside here?Street Clothes Special: Texans at Titans Inactives The Texans have traveled to Nashville to take on the Titans, but neither team can dress all 53 members of the roster. Some guys are left inactive on game day because theyr17;re battling injury, and some because theyr17;re inept. Titansr17; QB Marcus Mariota left their game against the Dolphins with an elbow injury and is still dealing with tingling in his throwing arm. Despite this, Head Coach Mike Vrabel has said he expects Mariota to play, with backup QB Blaine Gabbert getting his fair share of the action, as well. The situation along their OL should be a proper disaster, with Conklin and Lewan already out, and backup T Dennis Kelly having been admitted into the hospital with a virus. The Texans have seen several high-profile players on the injury list this week. For the offense, Will Fuller V and DeAndre Hopkins have shown up, while the defense has seen Johnson Bademosi Authentic J.J. Watt Jersey , Jadeveon Clowney, Christian Covington and Duke Ejiofor have already received extra attention from the medical staff this week. Clowney will be inactive for this game, but even without him, the Texans defense should be able to manhandle the ramshackle Titans offensive line.Houston Texans InactivesDE/OLB Jadeveon Clowney (Back, Elbow)WR Sammie Coates, Jr (Hamstring)WR Keke Coutee (Hamstring)DE Christian Covington (Thigh, Knee)T Roderick Johnson (Coachr17;s Indifference)DE Carlos Watkins (Coachr17;s Indifference)CB Kayvon Webster (Achilles)Tennessee Titans InactivesWR Cameron Batson (Coachr17;s Indifference)OT Jack Conklin (Knee)DE Matt Dickerson (Coachr17;s Indifference)T Dennis Kelly (Illness)T Taylor Lewan (Concussion)S Kendrick Lewis (Foot)OLB Aaron Wallace (Coachr17;s Indifference)Any names surprise or concern you? Discuss below.
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