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Autor Nick Mullens had never set foot on the field during an NFL

Postów: 97
Data rejestracji: 19.10.18
Dodane dnia 04-12-2018 03:05
regular season game before Thursday. And then he started at quarterback for the 49ers on Thursday night Youth Weston Richburg Jersey , and he put on a show.Mullens completed 16 of 22 passes for 262 yards, with three touchdowns and no interceptions, as the 49ers dominated the Raiders 34-3. After the game, Mullens said all he needed was a chance.鈥淚 think I鈥檓 here for a reason,鈥?Mullens said, 鈥渁nd it was my opportunity to prove that I can play.鈥滱 former undrafted free agent out of Southern Mississippi, Mullens spent last year on the 49ersr17; practice squad. When the 49ers traded for Jimmy Garoppolo and then gave him one of the biggest contracts in NFL history, it was clear that they saw Mullens as nothing more than a backup, at best. He started this year on the practice squad again White Arik Armstead Jersey , but he was called up to the active roster when Garoppolo got hurt.Then C.J. Beathard got hurt, Mullens got the opportunity to be the 49ersr17; third starting quarterback of the season, and Mullens looked outstanding. All he needed was the opportunity to prove he can play. Look, I understand that a lot of whatr17;s been happening with the San Francisco 49ers has been young players making dumb moves that wind up piling up into huge issues. I get that. I also get that many of the players, especially on defense, are defending Robert Saleh saying they called a good game and taking the blame for the issues themselves. First of allr12;thatr17;s great. These guys that have accountability and arenr17;t pointing the finger when things get bad are the right guys to have in the locker room. Ir17;ll go more into it today, but short answer isr12;that locker room could be on meltdown and instead itr17;s sticking together. John Lynch got that part right. But second and more important: Just why arenr17;t the players executing? If good gameplans are called, and players (multiple)are out of position then why is that happening? Is that still a player issue or a coaching issue? Is Robert Salehr17;s defense too complicated for its own good? Are they not coaching players up?Ir17;m not pointing a finger at anyone. Maybe Saleh is calling great games and the players are not communicating/executing. If thatr17;s the case, then my question is why arenr17;t they? Is it youth or some other reason. Just something to think about. Onto your links. Jimmy Garoppolo has r16;different perspectiver17; watching 49ers after torn ACL (Chan)49ersr17; George Kittle , a captain, quickly earns locker-room respect (Branch)49ers r16;definitelyr17; want Richard Sherman on team next season (Maiocco)49ers injury report: Dante Pettis will return vs. Cardinals (Madson)Which 1-win wonder spies No. 1 pick: 49ers, Raiders, Cards, Giants? (Inman)49ersr17; Richard Sherman: Ir17;m not going anywhere (Cohn)Kyle Shanahan looks to captains to usher 49ers through adversity (Maiocco)John Lynch says 49ers having r16;a lot of conversationsr17; as trade deadline approaches (Bonilla)Jimmy Garoppolo: Dwelled on the play, ACL tear but have moved on (Wagoner)5 ways 49ers can beat Cardinals in second matchup (Madson)What a horrible night to have a curse...
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