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Autor in Lepine said the victims

Postów: 258
Data rejestracji: 15.06.18
Dodane dnia 11-09-2018 08:12
Joel Bitonior17;s sliding only a few feet to his left John Lynch Jersey , but itr17;s a seismic shift for him r11; and the Browns.

Less than one week into Clevelandr17;s training camp, coach Hue Jackson moved Bitonio from left guard to starting left tackle, a spot vacated when 10-time Pro Bowler Joe Thomas retired in March.

Only days ago, offensive line coach Bob Wylie said switching Bitonio this summer to left tackle was plan r1;Z.r1;

Well, the Browns went through the alphabet in a flash.

r1;Ir17;m going to put the best five players out there,r1; Jackson said following Wednesdayr17;s practice. r1;We know her17;s one of the best left guards in football. He has the versatility to go out there and play, and me knowing Joel, her17;s a team guy. I had a really good conversation with him, wer17;re going to do everything we can to continue to address that position.

r1;Right now, I think he gives us the best chance to go out there and play tackle and solidify the offensive line right now.r1;

Clevelandr17;s initial plan was to bring Shon Coleman Andrew Adams Jersey , who started 16 games at right tackle last season, to the left side. However, the former third-round pick has struggled so far in camp and Jackson decided he couldnr17;t wait any longer to see if Coleman would improve.

Another option was Greg Robinson, a former No. 2 overall draft pick. But her17;s out with a concussion and therer17;s no timetable on when her17;ll be back.

So after talking things over with his staff, Jackson approached Bitonio, who told his coach he do whatever was best for the Browns.

r1;I want to help the team win, and coach Jackson wants to put the best five offensive linemen out on the field,r1; Bitonio said. r1;Right now, he thinks thatr17;s with me at left tackle. So Ir17;m going to try to be the best left tackle I can be, and if something happens where Ir17;ve got to go play left guard again Tyus Bowser Jersey , then Ir17;ll try to be ready to do that as well. Itr17;s just whatr17;s going to help our team win the most games.r1;

Bitonior17;s spot will be taken by rookie Austin Corbett, who got a brief look at left tackle in camp.

r1;Her17;s our next-best guard on our team,r1; Jackson said.

The 6-foot-4, 315-pound Bitonio has made 47 career NFL starts at left guard since the Browns drafted him in 2014. He played one year of left tackle in college at Nevada, but Bitonio said the new position is a new world.

And while her17;s willing to make the move, her17;s also reluctant.

r1;It is an unknown,r1; he said. r1;You are always scared of the unknown. I donr17;t know how it is going to go at left tackle. I kind of know how it is going to go at left guard. I am going to go out there and give it my best shot.r1;

On the edge, Bitonio will face taller, faster players in single-minded pursuit of the quarterback.

r1;You are in space a lot more,r1; Bitonio said. r1;It is definitely a different animal Marquez Valdes-Scantling Jersey , and you are on an island by yourself. Sometimes, the whole line goes that way and you are stuck there blocking one of the best pass rushers on the team. It is just a different animal and it is something that I have to learn. Playing guard, I kind of knew the nuances of the position, and I knew if this guy does this or this guy does this, you understand what is going to happen. At tackle, I am still trying to develop that as we go through camp.r1;

Luckily, or unluckily for Bitonio, her17;ll get to practice at his new position against speedy defensive end Myles Garrett, the No. 1 overall pick from last year.

Jackson was pleased that Bitonio more than held his own against Garrett on Wednesday.

r1;I did not look over there and see a whiff or a guy just bearing down on the quarterback,r1; Jackson said. r1;I have great confidence in Joel. He is one of the best players on our football team. He can do it.r1;


Four women sexually assaulted by Canadar17;s former national ski coach when they were adolescents said Monday he robbed them of much of their childhood.

Genevieve Simard Ryan Jensen Jersey , Gail Kelly, Amelie Frederique-Gagnon and Anna Prchal attended a news conference more than 20 years after the repeated abuse.

r1;My childhood was stolen,r1; Simard said. r1;Skiing was my passion. I aspired to great things. I had dreams and skiing was my life. The sexual abuse I suffered completely destroyed my self-confidence.r1;

The women won the right last week to be identified after a judge granted their request to lift a publication ban.

Bertrand Charest was found guilty a year ago of 37 of the 57 sex-related charges. He received a 12-year prison term and is appealing both his conviction and sentence. He was denied bail last year.

The convictions involved nine of the 12 women who accused him of crimes that occurred more than 20 years ago when the victims and alleged victims were between ages 12 and 19.

Quebec court Judge Sylvain Lepine said the victims were still suffering from what he called r1;serious health consequencesr1; from the abuse that took place between 1991 and 1998.

Kelly said Charest took advantage of her passion for skiing and r1;my dream quickly turned into a nightmare.r1; She said she has three young children and would never let them compete at the provincial or national level in any sport under the current structure.

r1;It is urgent that we put in place a system that allows our children to be safe,r1; she said. r1;I donr17;t want anyone to go through what I did: being manipulated, denigrated and belittled.r1;

r1;I used to be funny, smiling and very sociable,r1; she added. r1;But because of this manipulator, I became sad and withdrawn and someone who felt like a complete loser.r1;
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