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Pundit power rankings for Week 2: Chiefs break the top 10 The Chiefs made big strides in the Week 2 Pundit Power Rankings r12; but before we get to that Harrison Butker Jersey , a quick note about last week.As you may recall, the MMQB Power Rankings werenr17;t yet available when we published the pundit rankings last Tuesday.We expected them to favor the Chiefs a bit more than some of the others since we knew that two MMQB writers had predicted the Chiefs will win the Super Bowl this season.Well... we were right.And wrong.When it came out on Wednesday, the MMQB poll ranked the Chiefs at number 12 going into Week 1 r12; which was indeed a bit higher than most other pundit polls.But herer17;s where it gets interesting: the MMQB poll listed the highest and lowest rankings submitted for each team Demarcus Robinson Jersey , which revealed that the Chiefs received no first-place votes.Did Robert Klemko and Mitch Goldich r12; the two writers who picked the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl r12; decide to opt for an edgy pick in the season preview but dial that back when they made their secret votes in the poll?Or do they think the Chiefs wonr17;t be the best NFL team at the end of the season but will win the Super Bowl anyway?Itr17;s hard to say.But we thought it was interesting.So herer17;s the Week 2 roundup and aggregation of our selected Pundit Power Rankings.Across the board, the Chiefs rose five spots from last week, landing in seventh place.Thatr17;s tops in the AFC West Sammy Watkins Jersey , and second only to the Jacksonville Jaguars and New England Patriots in the AFC.Pundit Power Rankings for Week 2Chiefs AFC West Teams Other AFC TeamsNote: When the MMQB rankings were added into the calculations after last weekr17;s publication, the Chiefs went from number 14 to number 12 in last weekr17;s rankings.Among the pundits, CBS Sportsr17; Pete Prisco was the most impressed by the Chiefs win in Los Angeles Anthony Hitchens Jersey , bumping them up nine spots in his rankings.The MMQB writers and Yahoor17;s Frank Schwab gave the least credit r12; but then again, both had rated the Chiefs higher than most others going into Week 1.So we end up with a general consensus among the pundits that the Chiefs deserve to be in the top 10 r12; and the Chargers do not.Here's what the pundits had to say about the Kansas City Chiefs this week:ESPN (6th from 14th) (Elliot Harrison - 11th from 17th)SBNation (Rebecca Toback - 7th from 14th)Sporting News (Vinnie Iyer - 8th from 16th)Yahoo! Sports (Frank Schwab - 7th from 12th)CBS Sports (Pete Prisco - 8th from 17th)So now the Chiefs head to Pittsburgh to face the Steelers on Sunday.What will the pundits say if the Chiefs beat the Steelers?What will they say if they lose?Wer17;ll lay it all out for you next Tuesday.And remember... starting next Wednesday on Arrowhead Pride, wer17;ll start combining what the pundits say with what the number-crunchers say r12; to give you True Power Rankings! The Chiefs were trying to find a trading partner for a deal involving linebacker Justin Houston and word has been for some time that they would release him if one didnr17;t materialize.No team stepped up to take Houston off Kansas Cityr17;s hands and the team announced his release on Sunday afternoon. Houston spent the last eight seasons with the Chiefs and head coach Andy Reid issued a statement as part of the teamr17;s announcement.r0;Ir17;ve been fortunate to get to know Justin over the last six seasons Chad Henne Jersey , and not only is he a talented football player, but her17;s a tremendous person,r1; Reid said. r0;He really helped set the tone Kendall Fuller Jersey , and I appreciate the work he put in with us. I wish him the best as he continues his career.r1;Houston was set to earn a $15.2 million salary in 2019 while counting $21.1 million under the cap. The Chiefs also have Dee Ford on their cap under the terms of the franchise tag and that was a lot of money to devote to one spot. They have reportedly heard interest in trades for Ford, so they could be making more moves on the edge of the defense.Houston will be able to negotiate with teams and sign a new deal right away and enters our list of the top 100 free agents at No. 53.
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