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Autor Matt Nagy: Smith contract stand-off involves lang

Postów: 249
Data rejestracji: 15.06.18
Dodane dnia 07-11-2018 08:30
uage around new helmet-tackling rule As reported by Patrick Finley of the Chicago Sun Times , Bears head coach Matt Nagy provided more insight into the language thatr17;s holding up No. 8 overall pick Roquan Smithr17;s contract negotiations.The issue, as first reported by Pro Football Talk, involves concern about the NFLr17;s new helmet-tackling rule (where you cannot under any circumstances lower your head) allowing for immediate ejection and possible suspension for a player that initiates contact with their helmet. Specifically, Smithr17;s camp wants protections that he wonr17;t lose guaranteed money due to an ejection or suspension resulting from this new rule. The rule can be applied to any player, but is certainly more likely to affect a player in a high-tackling position who had 137 tackles in his senior year at Georgia.Regarding whether Smithr17;s camp was seeking financial protections against guarantees lost to this rule Authentic Khalil Mack Jersey , Nagy confirmed that this was r0;part of the issue,r1; but declined to go into details to respect the privacy of both camps. Nagy also added that r0;very fewr1; of the other rookies signed this year had similar language in their contracts. Which of course suggests that at least some of them did.This clarifies what has seemed to be an unnecessary delay in the signing of the Bearsr17; first-round pick and hopeful face of the defense. It also reveals a situation that may not be resolved quickly.From the perspective of Smith and his agents, itr17;s understandable that they donr17;t want his guaranteed money to be vulnerable to the subjective judgment of the same officiating body that robbed Zach Miller of a touchdown on a heroic knee-exploding touchdown on a fateful 2017 Sunday morning in New Orleans.From the Bearsr17; perspective, itr17;s understandable that they donr17;t want to set a precedent of providing protections allowing players to receive all their guaranteed moneyr12;even if the player is repeatedly suspended.Although I understand both positions, my bias is with Smith. I think the Bears should agree to guarantee Smithr17;s terms because her17;s a top 10 pick in a high-tackling position and because we all want to see that him his reps and tear it up in training camp and the preseason. If a future player wants the same protections Authentic Leonard Floyd Jersey , they can kindly explain that they donr17;t get the Smith special because they arenr17;t a transcendent player at the most important position in Bears history.Fans of both the Bears and Cardinals expect a big Chicago win Welcome to SB Nation FanPulse r12; a survey of fans across the NFL, powered by SurveyMonkey. Each week, we send 32 polls to 100+ plugged in fans from each team. Bears fans, sign up HERE to join FanPulse.One of our standard weekly FanPulse questions is, r0;Will the Bears win or lose?r1; And they also ask by how much. This same question is posed to the FanPulse of the Bearsr17; opponent each week , so Cardinalsr17; fans were asked if they think their team will win or lose, and by how much as well. Both Chicago Bearsr17; fans and Arizona Cardinalsr17; fans are predicting a 9 point Chicago win this Sunday. As we told you guys in our earlier week 3 FanPulse, Cardinalsr17; fans are the least confident in their franchise among all 32 SB Nation NFL team sites. Arizona has been really bad through two games, so this could be a good time for the Bears offense to get into a little groove.What do you guys predict for the game?And if you havenr17;t joined FanPulse, do it now!
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